Bible Software Project

The Myanmar Bible Software Project involved the cooperative effort of volunteers from various nations with a variety of specialized skills e.g. Myanmar languages consultants, Bible translations, software programming, led by Ms. Levi Sap Nei Thang. The project is built upon the invaluable foundations of the work of many generations of Bible translators and Bible Societies.

We seeks to develop software that will eventually serve as a Biblical Resource tool for Myanmar, Bible readers, Christians, church leaders, pastors and church planters. Currently, basic Bible software is available in most major languages of the world. Bible software provides the advantage for people not only to study the word in multiple languages. It also provide to opportunity to incorporate biblical references material such as concordance, dictionary and others to help us deepen our knowledge in the word of God.

To serve Myanmar churches by providing a database of Bibles and biblical referencing materials that is freely available to all. 
To develop and compile a library of Myanmar Bibles and other Scripture-related texts into one integrated software.
To foster unity among Myanmar ethnic Christians by making multi-lingual Bible in one common platform.
To provide tools for Church planters to un-reached people groups in Myanmar by creating portable and Mobile Bible Library.
To bless the nation of Myanmar through IT related technical skill development.

Website with international access can provide free download of the software from the internet.
CD for nationals in Myanmar can be freely duplicated and distributed. We will begin to strategically distribute the CD in 2006 through our partners in Myanmar and other parts of the world. We will also look for ministry partners in each distributing phase.

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