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Welcome to the Bibles on Myanmar! We hope and pray that God will speak to you through reading His word in your own language.

Please note: the Myanmar Bible website has been updated to follow the proposed changes to the Myanmar Unicode specification. Please be aware that these are not yet part of the official Unicode Standard. You must be using Padauk version 2 to correctly view Myanmar text on this website.

To be able to read these bibles successfully, you may need to install some additional fonts on your computer. We therefore recommend that you download and install the fonts Padauk (for Myanmar) and SIL Doulos (for some of the Chin versions). These are free, Unicode fonts, which are known to work correctly with this site. For Myanmar text, you will also need to use the Graphite enabled version of the Firefox web browser. You may also be interested in typing Myanmar Unicode and using it in other applications and the reasons for using Unicode.

The Christian Bible exists in several other languages that are spoken in Myanmar and we hope to put these online in the coming months.

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